1-on-1 lessons

you and one instructor


Monday to Friday, during opening hours

Our staff are available to help businesses and individuals who are looking for someone to teach their staff both photography and photo editing. We can also provide expert help with setting up studios. Special pricing for businesses who purchase their equipment from our store.

Phone us at (07) 838 0031


Monday to Friday, during opening hours

We offer one-on-one tuition - only learn what you need to know. This includes learning to use photo editing software and using your video camera.

Earl-bird special rate. Bring a friend/partner for no extra.

Phone us at (07) 838 0031

Private Classes by Arrangement

If our dates don't suit we can run a class to suit you if you get a group of at least 6 people together.

Cost depends on duration of class. Assuming no extra preparation is required (i.e. regular class topic) then cost will be:

  • 1~2 hrs $79 pp.
  • 3~4 hrs $99 pp,
  • longer - please ask

If we come to you travel time is additional.

Phone us at (07) 838 0031

We'd love to see you.

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