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Outline of our most popular classes run during the year


Are you ready to get your Interchangeable Lens Camera off AUTO and learn how to use the camera like a real photographer to get better photos?

This is our most popular class so runs more frequently than the others. In this class we will show you how to make the correct settings to get better photos. The first hour will be a classroom session followed by a hands-on
practical session.
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Too Many Photos? Get Sorted!

Are you overwhelmed with the sheer number of digital photos you've taken and find that the images linger on your cameras, computers and phones as well as taking up more than their fair share of memory along with them!

In this class you will learn to manage your ever-increasing collection of digital photos to make them easily accessible.  Learn the basic steps of sorting, prioritising, and archiving your collection of digital photos using the operating system on your computer.
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Macro photography creates lots of opportunities for interesting photos using objects lying around the house or garden.

We'll be concentrating on DSLR cameras and the gear required to focus up close. We then provide tips and tricks including: ideal camera settings, using natural light, using flash, overcoming blurry images, and getting better focus.

The first hour will be a classroom session followed by one-hour hands-on session to try some of the techniques and accessories for yourself.
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Portraits with your external flash

In this workshop you'll learn how to use the external flash on the camera, off the camera and how to bounce the light onto your subject.

You'll also learn how to modify the light with accessories such as flash diffusers, reflectors, umbrellas and softbox adapters effectively turning your small flash into a mini studio light.
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