FILM processing

yes - we can still get your film processed!

Film processing

We still stock film (colour, black & white, 35mm & 120) and disposable cameras.

Although we no longer develop into negatives on-site we work with several labs to get your films developed for you so bring them in and we’ll get it sorted. 

We are now an official drop off point for The Black and White Box. They develop C-41, traditional B&W and E-6 in all formats up to 120. At the moment pick-up is once a week - midday Thursday.
We've set up the drop box in our Union Espresso area so you can call in any time after 7:30am (Mon to Fri) on your way to work, grab a coffee, fill in the form and "post" your film.

Turnaround time info

To keep the developing chemistry fresh photo labs have found the solution is to turn the developing equipment on when they have sufficient rolls of film – once this was three times a week, more recently it is once or twice a fortnight. 

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