The Gather Box

The Gather Box is the ultimate tool for organising and archiving large quantities of loose photographs economically. It’s easy; buy the box, fill the box, bring us the box – and in a few weeks come back and pick up all of your digitised prints!  

Now you can relax in confidence knowing those precious relics from the past are now protected and easily accessible.

Our Basic Gather box holds approximately 200 4x6" prints or 200 slides.

Your photos or slides will be scanned to produce a 2400x3600px image, which is perfect for printing, sharing, or for just having a digital backup of your prints

You can order your Gather Box online (link below) and we will ship you the box. Once you have the box filled return it to the store with the copy of your invoice and we will get your prints scanned for you.

Inside there are instructions and tips to guide you through the sorting and gathering process.  In the meantime you can check out our preparation tips here.

The Gather Box makes a great gift for someone who deserves to get their favourite photos digitised.


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