locket photos

have your special photo reduced in size to fit a locket

Locket Photos

Bring in your special photo as a digital image and we'll produce a sheet as pictured. You then cut out the most suitable photo to fit your locket.
Photo not digital? We can scan a printed photo for a small surcharge.


  • There must be plenty of uncluttered space around the person/group to allow us to make an oval or heart without cropping them
  • The person/couple must be able to be cropped to a portrait format (taller than wider).
  • Heart shapes can be a challenge – faces away from each other are better as they fit into the curve on each side. Heads together doesn’t suit hearts.

Visit this page ...
and choose from heart or oval, small or large (check locket size). Click "begin creation" then upload and insert your photo - you may need to zoom and pan. If you're satisfied with the way the photo fits then place your order. We'll run it through our locket creator to create a sheet as pictured.

TURNAROUND TIME : 24hrs in store.

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