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Passport and ID photos are a speciality for Snapshot - we've been taking them since 1928 using film and in the 1960s moved to instant passports using the Polaroid system. In 1992 we took the first digital passports with a Kodak system and ten years ago switched to the ID Station we now use.

Our team is very experienced in providing  passport photos to meet the strict passport requirements set by NZ Internal Affairs for NZ passports.
We can also provide you with photographs to meet the standards of many other country's passport or visa requirements.
Avoid wearing white tops - especially if your photo requires a white background (e.g. USA, India, & Malaysia).
If you need a photo for something less common we recommend bringing in the specifications you require.

We also provide photos for:

  • Visa Applications
  • Kiwi Access Card (18+ Card)
  • Gun Licences
  • Student ID photos
  • International Drivers Licences

INSTANT Biometric passport photos

Biometric technology is making its way into every aspect of daily life, from airport customs through to finger print scanners on smart phones. Biometrics is the measurement of biological features. For ID Photos, these measurements are of your facial positioning and structure.
Biometric technology is used at the passport e-Gates in many airports around the world. By obtaining a Biometric Passport Photo from an authorised outlet like ours means that the image on your passport will be compatible with this new global standard.

As the IDStation uses the same software requirements as set out by ICAO, your photo is likely to meet the strict international standards for passport photos. It spots prohibited criteria such as shadows, hair over eyes, sunglasses, hotspots and many more and will not allow printing or creating a digital file unless all the criteria are met.

NO GLASSES - these make it more difficult for the passport office's biometric software to measure the distance between your eyes.

We GUARANTEE OUR PRINTED PASSPORT PHOTOS - if your printed photo is rejected we will retake it at no charge of you bring in the letter of rejection to assist us in taking the replacement photo.
We also guarantee your online photo meets the technical requirements and if rejected by the Online Photo Checker will retake it at no charge.  


Instead of emailing you the photo we now use

  • this is a new online service that securely stores digital passport photos and Snapshot was the first store to use this service in New Zealand
  • You still get a printed copy of your passport photos but that printed copy contains a unique personal code*.
    Enter your code at to access and download your digital passport photo.
    You may need your personal code when you go online to apply for a new passport, driving license or Visa.
    Your photo stays online for 6 months then is deleted as it is no longer recent enough to be eligible for applications.

    For UK online renewals we provide a special code for the photo to be downloaded direct by the UK passport office


Do I need an appointment?

NO for ID photos - but YES for photos taken in our studio. The studio needs to be booked for Business Headshots and for Babies  (see "Can you take passport photos of babies?" below). 

How long does it take to get the photos?

In most cases they are ready within 10 minutes.

How many photos do I get and is it cheaper for less?

Printed: you will receive 2-8 colour photos that are identical in size (number of photos on the 6x4" sheet depends on size of passport photo as some nationalities require larger photos). It is not cheaper for two photos - you pay per sheet of photos.
Online : our IDOnline system provides a digital copy as well as a sheet with at least one photo along with the code for downloading securely.

Can you take passport photos of babies?

NZ Internal Affairs insists photos of babies must satisfy their strict criteria such as eyes open and mouth closed. If your baby can't sit upright and hold it's own head up we will need to take the photo of baby lying down in our studio. The studio will often be in use so please phone ahead to ensure it is available when you come in. A $25 surcharge will be applied to our standard passport fee.
We require a $25 deposit to secure your appointment for a baby ID photo.
If you provide at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation we will refund the deposit in full
• If you postpone with less than 24 hours notice, or you miss your appointment, you will forfeit the deposit (our cancellation fee).

Why can’t I smile?

It's all to do with the biometrics - the face must have a relaxed, neutral expression with the mouth closed so the biometrics are the same as when you pass through an airport's Smartgate.

Why do you ask me to take my glasses off?

Lenses over the eyes it difficult for the passport office's biometric software to measure the distance between your eyes.
The lighting we use can produce light spots on the lenses and shadows of the frame on your face and these, no matter how small, can cause rejection of a photo.

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