learn to organise your photos so you can find them again!

Photo Organising Lessons

We're your Memory Evangelists and on a mission to help you save your most important memories!
Our Certified Photo Manager can help you organise your photos so you can find them again - whether your photos are all over the house (shoeboxes, slide boxes, or falling out of albums) or hiding on your cameras, computers, CDs, email, Facebook and phones.

If you're concerned about your photo collection surviving any type of disaster from computer failure and theft through to fire, floods and earthquakes then we can help you.

Photo Organising Tuition

  • Classes
  • One-on-one
  • On-site computer training for managing digital photos
  • Group lessons : get a group together and learn together. Minimum of 8 participants

What you can learn

  • The basic steps of sorting and prioritising your photos.
  • How to archive your printed photographs by digitising them.
  • How to establish an easy and efficient digital photo management plan.
  • How to back up your digital photos so they will survive disasters .
  • Using Metadata to make it easy to find photos in the future

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Jill Boswell is our tutor and New Zealand's only Certified Photo Manager .
CALL NOW to discuss your needs or SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION
(07) 838 0031.

Book a speaker
Jill has given many talks on photo organising to genealogy groups, historical societies, and any other group requiring a guest speaker. She also believes it is essential for parents to know how to sort, organise and preserve their ever-expanding collection of digital photos so would love to speak to more parent groups.
CALL NOW to discuss your needs (07) 838 0031.

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