tell your story with a Photo-Book. created by you, printed by us



PhotoBooks are a modern alternative to the traditional photo album. You load your photos, lay the them out on-screen and type in text. Photos are printed directly onto the album pages and then bound in a hard cover. No adhesive required!

PhotoBooks are a great way to remember your holidays, to celebrate the special moments in someone's life, or to honour the life of a loved one who has recently passed.

For people with dementia they are
- a distraction technique for refocusing during difficult symptoms
- a security tool when person is taken to unfamiliar places
- promotes well-being, validation and celebration of a person
- a bridge to the past
- provides opportunities for pride and enhanced self-esteem

They make a unique and cherished gift for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, etc

  • Create at our place or yours - you can start in our store and carry on at home, or vice versa.
  • Choice of cloth or leather covers.
  • Book is printed and bound by us in-store
  • We use archival double-sided photographic paper - these are printed through our photo printer and pages are printed edge to edge.
    Allow 2-3 days for us to print
  • We can print multiple copies of a book - they stay on our system for a month if you decide to order extra copies later.


  • If you create an account when making a PhotoBook with us you can save the project and carry on editing for up to 30 days – at our place, or yours. You can even share the log-in details with family or friends to collaborate on a PhotoBook project.
  • To make the project easier we suggest
      -copying the photos you are going to use into a special folder
      -create a subfolder for each page and move photos into these
    - save as you go.

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