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Photo Scanning

We can scan loose photos, photos mounted on card, photos in frames etc - the price varies according to the difficulty.  For clean loose photos we use a "Shoebox Photo Scanner" that allows us to offer a fast and inexpensive scanning service provided the photos meet our strict criteria. Cost is $20 set-up fee plus $2.00 per photo.

Criteria for bulk photo scanning:

  • Photos must be loose, no smaller than wallet size (3”x4”) or larger than 8" x 12.
  • Cannot be mounted on card - they must be flexible
  • Photo backs must be clean - no adhesive or blue dots on back
  • Photos must be sorted into groups of similar sizes together, face up
  • Two Sided Scanning: Some of your photographs may have handwriting on the back that you also want scanned. Group these together and identify them as ‘scan both sides’. The second side will count as an additional scan.

Manual scans

Any photos that do not meet the above criteria will be scanned manually and charged accordingly. This includes:

  • Photos required to be scanned in a specific order
  • Photos too small to be detected by scanner
  • Fragile photos
  • Photos with any adhesive on the back – no matter how small - this clogs our scanner
  • Photos in frames
  • Photos larger than 8x12”
  • Photos stuck on cardboard, pages or in albums

The prices can depend on a few factors such as type of frame, state of the album, etc.

We prefer to see the original frame/photo/album before we provide a price as it can be hard to visualise during a phone conversation.

Copyright: By law we are unable to scan copyrighted images, UNLESS you have a written copyright release from the copyright holder, which is generally the photographer.

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