Cleaning Your Camera Tips

Ensure your camera is always looked after and kept clean. Keep a camera and lens cleaning kit in your gadget bag, so you can quickly deal with any dirty issues that you and your camera may  encounter on your travels.

Certain areas are more sensitive and require more care than others, but it is a good idea to keep every bit of your camera clean at all times.



To avoid dirt or dust making its way to the inner parts, you should keep the exterior clean and do this step before removing lenses or getting the sensor cleaned.


  • Blow off any surface dirt with a hurricane blower or soft brush
  • Next wipe the body with a dry cloth – ideally a microfiber cloth kept for the body only
  • Lens caps, lens hoods and other removable parts can be washed in soapy water if necessary.
  • Cotton buds are useful for the recessed viewfinder
  • Use a clean microfiber cloth remoistened with a drop of lens cleaner to clean the LCD screen glass


  • lean the outside of the lens with a microfiber cloth, and use a hurricane blower to keep the dust away.
  • Next clean the glass of dust with a hurricane blower
  • Now you can clean smudges or fingerprints from the glass. We recommend the Lens Pen.
  • It has a chamois cleaning tip covered with a carbon compound that removes fingerprints by absorbing the oil. There are no liquids so it never dries out.
  •  Inside of the cap is a foam pad filled with carbon so when you twist the cap back on after cleaning it recharges the carbon on the cleaning tip.
  • After cleaning with the soft tip, you may use the anti-static brush on the other side of the pen to get rid of any dust that is still around.
  • Lens cleaning fluid and a soft microfiber cloth might be the only solution id the lens pen doesn’t remove smudges.
  • check the electrical contacts of your lens(metal parts on the back). Dirty or oxidized contacts are most often responsible for camera malfunctions or errors, so clean them off with a soft cloth


  • Lens pen make a filter version that has a flat surface rather than curved like the lens version
  • Treat these like the lenses – brush or blow dust of the rim before cleaning the optical glass

Caring for Your microfiber cloths

  • Have one for the body and a separate one for the LCD
  • Do not use the cloths for anything else
  • Wash regularly – just chuck them on a warm wash in the washing machine!

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