Contactless Services

We offer contactless drop-off and collection of scanning and tape transfer jobs. Order and pre-pay then deliver your box to our window/door.


  • Gather your photos, slides or tapes
  • Go online and select the appropriate service
  • Check the options
  • Enter the quantities of photos, slides or tapes.
  • Complete the order form and pay
  • Box up your photos, slides or tapes along with a copy of your order form
  • Phone us at 07-838-0031 to arrange drop-off .
  • When you arrive at Level 3 our front door will be closed but we can meet you at the Union Espresso window



  • No same days jobs - we will leave items on the bench for a few days to ensure any viruses are no longer viable
  • We will email or text you when your job is complete
  • Phone us at 07-838-0031 to arrange collection.
  • You may be comfortable working with us through the Union Espresso window beside our door or prefer that we bring your parcel out to your car - park in the P10 or loading zones closest to our store.

We'd love to see you.

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