Photo & Video Lighting options

When there is insufficient light for your photography or videography you need an artificial light source and there are plenty of options available.

The right lighting helps to set the mood and tone, creates a flattering shot, and helps ensure your viewers can actually see what you want them to.

Speed lights

For still images captured with cameras we have the traditional flash, aka a speedlight.

These are portable, battery operated lights that can attach to most cameras through the hot shoe mount. They can also be used off-camera by attaching them to a light stand and then activating them via wireless triggers.

Strobe Lights

When more powerful off camera lighting is required photographers turn to Strobes aka studio lights. These are larger (and typically more powerful) lights that are attached to light stands and activated through wireless triggers. Typically these are found in a studio but there are portable battery operated options available.

Continuous Lights

Continuous lights deliver a constant source of illumination, unlike speed lights and strobe lights that emit a powerful burst of light when fired, and is typically used for video work.

The new cooler LED options are also being used for capturing still photos as continuous light can be less distracting then the burst of light from flashes.

You can also see the lighting situation in real time, unlike a flash where you don’t see the result until after you have pushed the shutter button.

Many strobe lights also need a moment to power up between shots so continuous lighting is good for moving subjects such as children or pets.

Other benefits of LED are

  • Cool operating temperatures
  • low power consumption
  • variable colour temperature control (depending on the make and model)
  • dimming controls (depending on the make and model)  

Continuous LED Light options

Pocket sized

  • small LED panels or cubes with camera, smartphone, tripod or action camera attachments


  • Pair with your camera, drone, smartphone, action camera, or any content creation device to achieve better lighting.
  • Waterproof

Portable Panel

  • Accessory for smart phone users and on-the-go content creators. Thin panel with 180 LEDs - some panels are paired with a powerbank to keep you powered on the go.
shoe mounted Manfrotto LED , LumeCube, Portable panel with 180 LED

Freestanding Continuous Ring Lights

  • A macro ring light is a circular bright light that you place around a camera lens for macro and oral photography
  • The (newer) freestanding options have openings larger than a phone and the same size, or larger, than a head. They mount directly to a light stand and your camera or smartphone can be mounted to view through the opening
  • They provide light without shadows that is more flattering for facial close-ups and have been nick-named YouTube lights


  • Many shapes - rectangles and circles
  • Many options - barn doors, diffusers, colour temperature
  • mount directly to a light stand
  • battery or mains powered
ring light, round panel, flat panel, video LED panel with barn doors

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