Metal ChromaLuxe Prints FAQ

Make a lasting visual impact by having Snapshot print your photos on ChromaLuxe high-definition, durable aluminium photo panels.

 Why should I choose a metal ChromaLuxe print over a standard canvas or paper print?

A metal print outshines any other printing medium in terms of quality and durability. Besides the clarity of an image on a ChromaLuxe aluminum panel, it is also waterproof, scratch resistant and will outlast any other type of print.

Part of the appeal of ChromaLuxe prints is also how permanent and durable they are: there are no frames to break, glass to smash, or paper to rip.

Metal prints also do not need to be put into a frame and can be hung in places where other prints can not such as a bathroom or other areas where moisture is a concern. Because they are light and tough they can be posted without fear of breakage.

Can they be displayed outdoors?

While ChromaLuxe prints can be displayed outdoors without any risk of damage to the panel or print, it is recommended that you do not leave them fully exposed to direct sunshine if you want to prolong the life of your print and reduce fading and colour imbalance.

What is the preferred resolution or PPI?

Ideally, you should have 180 PPI or higher. Larger prints can have a lower PPI as they will be viewed from further away.

The larger your print an image, the lower the PPI becomes (e.g. 3000 pixels over 15 inches is 200ppi, 3000 pixels over 30 inches is 100ppi).

Do you print  onto metal in-store?

Yes - up to a 11x14" as we have an A3 printer and A3 printing press on-site. Anything larger requires a huge printer and huge press so these are done by a professional contractor on our behalf,

What process do you use for metal prints?

We use Dye Sublimation on high-quality ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. The ChromaLuxe aluminum is the highest quality aluminum panel made specifically for dye sublimation.

What makes a ChromaLuxe panel superior to everything else is its high quality coating that absorbs the ink and results in a High Definition print that can't be matched by any other printing medium.

What is Dye Sublimation?

Sublimation is the transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase, without passing through the intermediate liquid phase.

Dye sublimation is when an image is first printed on a special transfer paper using specially made dye sub inks. The print transfer is then placed on top of the ChromaLuxe aluminum panel where it's pressed with a heat press. This allows the inks to turn into a gas and become absorbed into the polyester coating surface of the aluminum panel. The end result is a vivid print that almost has a 3D feel to it.

How do I care for my ChromaLuxe Print?

The special ChromaLuxe coating renders the prints scratch, stain, and moisture resistant, and makes them incredibly easy to clean – just spray the surface with any standard household cleaner and wipe it down with a cloth.

What do I need to know about preparing my file for ordering?

Your image must have either the sRGB or adobe1998 color profiles assigned. If your photo is not assigned a colour profile, the results will likely not reflect what you will expect.

Can I expect my prints to look exactly like how I see on my monitor?

The unfortunate answer to this question is no. Most people prepare their files on their computer and monitor to be exactly how they want it to look. What most people do not realize is that their monitor is likely not calibrated. If you are serious about being able to receive prints that are true to what you see on your monitor, you can hire our Colormunki Smile Monitor Calibration tool

The professional contractor for large panels can supply a smaller proof for a charge.

How do I order my metal print?


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