September is Save Your Photos Month

Every year during the month of September, photo organisers, and photo retailers like Snapshot around the world work together to raise awareness and educate people about the benefits of safeguarding their photos. Their goal is to help people save their memories BEFORE an unexpected disaster, but they recognize that there are still millions of people who do not have a safety plan in place for their treasured photos and videos. The Photo Managers offer education and thi s year (2022) their them is "Did You Know?" You can enrol here:.

How safe are YOUR photos?

How quickly could you gather your valuable photos and documents if you had to evacuate due to a house fire, a forest fire, a cyclone, or a tornado? Do you live in an area that experiences floods or earthquakes? 

Disaster comes in many forms both natural, and man made, big and small and can threaten family photos in an instant. Even the best insurance policy cannot replace lost photos so it is up to you to safeguard them before disaster strikes.

Photo dangers around the home

Environmental conditions

Is your home too damp or too dry? Moisture is the enemy of slides and movies. Heat can dry out photos. Do you have framed photos in direct sunlight?

Bulk storage conditions

While it is tempting to store bulky boxes of photos and albums where we have the space, consider how devastating it would be if your memories were damaged from a flooded basement, or you opened a box stored in the shed to find your memories covered in mouse droppings or eaten by silverfish.

Storage Materials

Even the boxes, folders and albums we store our photos in can pose risks. Materials that are not acid- or lignin-free or have not been proven to be photo-safe can cause damage to paper, photographs and negatives. Sticky magnetic albums will leech acid onto prints via the glue-covered pages. Photo album pages can become brittle over time and crumble.

Digital Risk Factors

Digital images are at risk too for many reasons. Many people simply have so many digital images they cannot enjoy their photos or find photos when they need them. Hard drives full of photos and video can fail, external drives can fail
or be stolen, memory cards and USB drives are easy to misplace, phones and cameras get lost or stolen, the list goes on.

 SNAPSHOT can help

Protecting your photo and video collection could be the most important thing you do for your for children and generations to come. Snapshot staff can digitise, restore and print the memories that matter and Jill Boswell of Snapshot can teach you tips to make it easy to find your photos again as well as back them up to safe guard them form disaster.

Jill is a Certified Photo Organiser who runs classes on organising photos as well as providing one on one consultations so give her a call at (07) 838 0031 to see if she can help you. Read more


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