Are you backing up the memories from your Smartphone?

We carry many of our photos with us, in our bags or pockets, stored in tiny devices which often continuously sync with ‘the cloud’.  

When people are asked if they are backing-up their smartphone photos they cautiously reply “I think so” as they believe their photos are in “the cloud”.

What they don’t realise is that "the cloud" or "syncing" are not the same as backing-up.

SYNC (“synchronising”) creates a mirror of the photos & videos on your phone

  • Bi-directional: syncing copies the files from the phone to the cloud and reconciles any differences to ensure a constant replica of the files exists in both places
    - when you delete images on your phone the same images are removed from the cloud copy.
    - when you delete images on your cloud copy the same images are removed from the phone.
  • It’s useful for copying photos on the go in the event your phone is lost or damaged.
  • Some cloud services reduce the size of the uploaded photos and videos
  • Requires WiFi or the use of phone data ($$$)

A BACK-UP is a copy (duplicate version) of the photos & files at a certain point in time.

  • One-direction: files copied from source to target
  • It's retained for use in the event that the original is in some way rendered unusable.
  • The copy is identical at the time but becomes “outdated” as changes are made to the source (e.g. missing more recent priceless photos and videos captured on the phone).Need to get your photos "down" from the iCloud?

Q Does anyone have a good solution for downloading photos from the apple cloud? 

A( (found in a discussion between photo organisers - not tried by us yet):
iCloud Photo Library is not meant for direct download of bulk images. The way to get the photos is to make a new Photos Library on a Mac or install iCloud for Windows on a PC and SYNC the collection to your computer.


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