Tips for Better Spring Blossoms

You don’t need sunshine.

The soft even light of an overcast day compliments the delicacy of the flowers and there are no shadows and no harsh bright spots, which makes it easier to get a good exposure. If it is sunny then use a reflector to bounce some light back on the flower. 

Watch out for wind

When it comes to photographing flowers, wind is your enemy. The easiest way to avoid it is to do your photography early in the morning when there is less chance of wind.  

Shoot after the rain.

Don’t let the rain deter you – once it has passed head out for some flower photography. Besides the water droplets, colours also tend to have more pop after the rain  

Change your point of view

Move around and try some different angles for more interesting images. Try photographing the flower from behind or underneath to capture a point of view that is different from that seen from a standing perspective. 

Selectively focus.

The closer the lens is to an object, the shallower the depth of field will be. It is essential that at least part of the flower is sharp – selectively focus on the flower’s best feature using single point auto focus or manual focus. 


Look for compositions that eliminate any distractions in the background and watch out for photo bombers – like a leaf creeping in from the corner or a pesky insect.

Back-light will make your flowers glow

Back-light happens when the sun is directly in front of you lighting your flower from behind. Because flower petals are translucent, back-light makes flowers appear to glow.

Shoot Through

Try positioning yourself so that another flower or leaf is in front of your main subject and very close to the end of your lens. The secondary flower will become a blur of colour and your final image will have a more abstract feel.


Can't get close enough?

If we've got you excited but your kit lens won't let you focus close enough then come and talk to the team at Snapshot about a macro lens or close-up accessories.

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