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Tapes to Digital

Digitising your family video tapes

Video tapes are magnetic and over time the tape will wear out so even if you still own a VHS player or a video camcorder it is a great idea to transfer all tapes to a digital format so they can be archived for the future.

Converting tapes to DVD

The most common reason people want their tapes converted to DVD is because they no longer have a device to play the tape so need it converted to a more convenient form which is currently a DVD.  

Compared to modern digital video movies VHS tapes are poor quality and digitising your old tapes won’t improve the resolution – it is around 640x480 pixels when converted to digital. 

• Playing a DVD from the tapes is best done on a smaller screen as the recording will look quite pixelated on the latest big screen TV. 

• Although a DVD is tangible and can be labelled it is important that people understand that  DVDs are only plastic discs which are fragile and easily scratched or broken

• DVD players may become obsolete in the future and your children / grandchildren won’t be able to play the DVDs 

Making good quality files that will work in modern devices

Technical obsolescence is already catching up with DVD players and many people no longer own a DVD player on or have a DVD drive on their computer.

Converting the tape to a video file is becoming increasingly popular as it provides a solution for easily sharing, editing and archiving the family video history.

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