Tapes to Digital

Digitising your family video tapes

Video tapes are magnetic and over time the tape will wear out so even if you still own a VHS player or a video camcorder it is a great idea to transfer all tapes to a digital format so they can be archived for the future.

Converting tapes to A DIGITAL FORMAT

The most common reason people want their tapes converted to digital is because they no longer have a device to play the tape so need it converted to a more convenient form for watching, as well as archiving.

Compared to modern digital video movies VHS tapes are not high quality and digitising your old tapes won’t improve the resolution – it is around 640x480 pixels when converted to digital.  Having grown up in the lull between 8mm movie cameras and the arrival of portable video cameras I believe any memory is better than no memory.

Playing a a digital copy is best done on a smaller screen as the recording will look quite pixelated on the latest big screen TV. 

Option 1 = DVD

• Although a DVD is tangible and can be labelled it is important that people understand that  DVDs are only plastic discs which are fragile and easily scratched or broken

• DVD players may become obsolete in the future and your children / grandchildren won’t be able to play the DVDs 

Option 2 = MP4 digital video

Converting the tape to a video file is becoming increasingly popular as it provides a solution for easily sharing, editing and archiving the family video history. Our system produces an MP4 file.

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