Don't be an April Fool - Backup your memories on March 31st

March 31st has been declared World Backup Day. World Backup Day was chosen to be the day before April 1st (April Fools) in order to drive the back-up message

It isn’t a matter of IF your hard drive will crash but only a matter of WHEN. It is hard to believe, but all of your precious family photos and videos on your computer are a moment away from annihilation. Even if your hard drive doesn’t crash, you could be the victim of fire, flood, cyclonee or even theft.

Make it a habit to regularly back up your photos, videos and data.

The important lesson, no matter which backup method you use, is to create copies of your memories and documents so you can still get them if something bad happens.

We recommend the 3-2-1 backup plan to keep your precious photos safe

   3: Have three copies of your data (original plus two more)

   2: Use two different types of media

   1: At least one must be stored offsite.

Need backup copies of your physical photos and slides?

Talk to us about making didigtal copie sof the most important photos and slides from your archives.

Concerned about the files on your phone or tablet?

Talk to us about Sandisk's dual drives for backing up  Your Phone Photos & Videos on the GO! - SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive (available in typeC and 3.0)

Not computer literate but want to easily back-up photos and videos from your PC?

Jill at Snapshot recommends Picture Keeper - download the DIY option and use a USB drive purchased in New Zealand.

 Need more help

Talk to the staff at Snapshot or to Jill - Snapshot's certified photo organiser.

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