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get your old videos converted to digital before they degrade

Video tape conversion

Video tape is a magnetic storage medium that degrades over time - the more you play a tape the quicker it will degrade. We recommend transferring those tapes to DVD now - the DVD can then be duplicated and shared with the entire family.

To archive and/or edit the video we recommend converting the tape to a high quality digital file. We can do this for you.

Sorry but we cannot copy commercial videos which are copyrighted.

Movie Film Transfer

We can have your 8mm home movie film transferred to DVD which can then be duplicated and shared with the entire family. Image quality from these films is partly dependent on how well the original film was exposed and if Grandad properly focused the camera!

Photo Slideshows

We turn still images into a slideshow with transitions between pictures and burn this to DVD.

We can even mix this with movie files from your phone, still camera or video camera.

Simply bring us your digital picture files (if you need us to scan your negatives, slides and prints, we can do that too) and we’ll do the rest. The completed DVD will contain one movie file and will play in any DVD player

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